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November 13, 2016

Permanent Beta Dag #9

Together with Gary Blufpand, cultural entrepreneur and artistic director of theatre group BAM! I will be speaking at the 9th Permanent Beta day on November 14. We will take you on stage and show you what you, in your role, can learn from both the theatre as well as Shakespeare. To the point and with humour. Inspiring and revealing. Wherever you work and whatever you do. This is also the theme of the book I am writing by the way. More about that at a later stage.


Permanent Beta brings people together to share knowledge about technology, science and the arts: bridging brains, tech and culture. Over 500 visitors can listen to 50 different inspiring stories. More information via:


Amsterdam Connected (Paasheuvelweg 25, Amsterdam, Netherlands) (kaart)

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De kleur van ware besluitvaardigheid
Vervaalt door ons bleekzuchtige gepeins,
En de meest glorieuze onderneming
Wordt door dit denken uit de koers geslagen,
En eindigt werkeloos

Shakespeare, Hamlet (vert. Peter Verstegen)

More info? Contact Wiemer Renkema:

+31 (0) 613034738




Willem Schoutenstraat 12

1057 DN Amsterdam


Account number: Triodos bank: NL95TRI00391170325

KvK: 660 76 749



Is your organization facing (cultural) change and are you in need of critical and innovative thinking?

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