November 13, 2016

Permanent Beta Dag #9

Together with Gary Blufpand, cultural entrepreneur and artistic director of theatre group BAM! I will be speaking at the 9th Permanent Beta day on November 14. We will take you on stage and show you what you, in your role, can learn from both the theatre as well as Shakespeare. To the point and with humour. Inspiring and revealing. Wherever you work and whatever you do. This is also the theme of the book I am writing by the way. More about that at a later stage.


Permanent Beta brings people together to share knowledge about technology, science and the arts: bridging brains, tech and culture. Over 500 visitors can listen to 50 different inspiring stories. More information via: permanentbeta.nl


Amsterdam Connected (Paasheuvelweg 25, Amsterdam, Netherlands) (kaart)

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De kleur van ware besluitvaardigheid
Vervaalt door ons bleekzuchtige gepeins,
En de meest glorieuze onderneming
Wordt door dit denken uit de koers geslagen,
En eindigt werkeloos

Shakespeare, Hamlet (vert. Peter Verstegen)

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Is your organization facing (cultural) change and are you in need of critical and innovative thinking?

Project management focused on results asks for leadership and vigour. To be Consulting has experience in (international) project management.


How do we integrate successfully after a merger or acquisition? What can I do to help a team achieve maximum results? How do I develop and implement a change? Should we consider outsourcing or offshoring of HR activities? How do I reorganize my organization?


For these questions and more To be Consulting is the one you should talk to. My promise: I will help to advance your organization.


Wiemer: Professional
Wiemer: Professional

Wiemer Renkema is the man behind To be Consulting. I have worked for companies such as Mercer, TNT and Arcadis and feel at home in professional, results oriented organizations. As sociologist I have an unusual eye for ordinary situations which can help organizations improve. I am a creative, pragmatic leader who moves and shapes his environment with empathy. With my vigour and energy we can achieve sustainable and exceptional results for your organization. Here's my LinkedIn profile.


In the dining room of the Hotelschool The Hague was a tapestry with the text: ‘I do not eat to live, I live to eat’. Every organization has a distinct (or sometimes unspoken) motto that fits like a glove. If part of a vision and well used people will carry this with them forever. In my case a passion for delicious food and good wine. Passion in an organization delivers outstanding results and engaged employees. Wherever there is passion, energy is flowing. I bring both to work.


I set goals with the ambition to achieve them. I like to challenge myself to get the best out of me. In sports, running or cycling, the bigger the distance, the bigger the challenge, the more fun. A marathon, the Amstel Gold Race; by training hard one can achieve a lot. On a professional level I enjoy the challenge to execute complex projects practically and efficiently. This way, the organization will still have plenty of energy to carry on and achieve the ultimate goal.


Acting has been my passion since elementary school. On a day to day basis, on the work floor, I notice situations that are part of Shakespeare’s plays. Acting has been an enormous help to be able imagine myself in someone else’s shoes. Learning a new role is not just learning the text but also listening to and interacting with your fellow actors. The creative process to create a performance is teamwork. Working together in that other theatre, the workplace, delivers also the best results.


I sold this drawing to raise money for the Homeride, a 500 kilometre cycling tour through Holland. Through politics, board memberships of neighbourhood organisations and volunteer work I am committed to social responsibility. That is why I dedicate part of my time, free of charge, to advise NGOs and charities. I do this because I believe everyone can make a contribution to making this world a better place to live in. Send me a mail, or call me, if you would like to benefit from this.


Travelling is a source of inspiration to me; I like to explore different cultures. This has contributed to my success in international organizations where diversity is a given. Every trip gives me new insight which I use daily. Sometimes philosophical, sometimes practical. On the picture, for example, you can see the result of a crash in Australia. I learned that brakes are placed the other way around on a bike there. A rather painful learning moment if you have to brake going downhill.